Grace falls

Softly with the weight of

Sunlight angling through

Pine woods free of people that would

Fell trees from loneliness

We are one and two

Above and beyond

In and out

Here and gone

I remember the future

Easing the hell of this present

We’ve lost tomorrow

I don’t trust the future anymore

We are one and two

Above and beyond

In and out

Here and gone

Time flows

Material world unfolding

All is one

Secrets creating my being

I am touched and I am

Torn open



If I’m heading towards infinite nothingness

Then what’s the worry about pain?

A fond farewell

No more

If I exist for all eternity

Then what’s the concern?

A torn fingernail on the way

A character building exercise

The pain of my death

I think I’m in love!

I will hold you

And merge into everything

The scent of you coming


Twenty years of descent

The approach to infinity

I embrace all that you bring

Every loss a gain!

Through your door will be everything

Or nothing




As a power
Timing might be all I need.
First I happen to see you
How did that work?
Walking beside me
Your friends know me from school
So we say hey
Then later
Because I am in love
I write you a note
Without knowing the address
It’s a beautifully clear day
And when I fold an envelope
Sign your name just right
I take it downtown
Just when I’m able
No hurry
And there you are
Just coming out of the library
I don’t have to say anything
You see me
Because you were looking
And say Oh, my!
When you read your name
There on the card
In my hand



The room in my mind where I find you

There is soft light and an aroma of


I am surprised by a music that tingles my upper spine and down

Numbing my thoughts

The light changes

Or my pupils open

Warmer here and there

Leading me to you

And beneath my awareness l want to taste again

What you are

My arrectores pilorum universally contract

In expectation of touch

Waiting there

Being more alive

In remembrance of you



Face on the floor

Alone with my shock

Don’t wish me strength

It’s not force that I need

Sure, help me sit up

Let me cry if I must

But show me love

The profound tenderness of silence

Let me breathe your fierce peace

Crystal clear assurance

Grace under sublime pressure

A caress amid thorns



We sympathize with the humping dog

Forgive the murderous cat

But demand human be human

Or show sufficient shame

How horrid to discover

Repeated animal acts

Unabashed lies from our idols

Our leaders

Paid assistance from confederates

Power having corrupted

All we blinded by outer glory

No single accusation believed

No single crime reckoned

Until by divine wind the wall is tumbled

We see an animal in man-shape

Grotesque characature.

And question our ancestry

Our uprightness on sinking sand