Hail! Dear friend from afar!

Can you hear me? I believe somehow that I can reach you.

My heart burns for news from you, for pictures, weather reports, statements of faith, ideas, sensations from your standpoint there where you live, there where you breathe, where you contemplate the movement of seasons, the tide of events. Speak!

I stand looking out toward you, toward where you may be, gazing with all my eyes to the outer reaches, surrounded here and alone, the ocean before me a desert of hidden life, deep, uniformly complex, unfathomable, insurmountable.

I sing my truest song in your direction, gesticulate my most colorful flags, stomp, beat my drums most enthusiastically. My fire is bright, the smoke an obvious line to my dancing invitation: my heartfelt welcome and salutation. …


Jack B Mills

writer, beekeeper, technician, anti-fascist Reasoningwithanoptimist.net

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